Cajun Chicken Skewers with Pineapple, Onion and Red and Green Capsicum

Makes approx. 20 skewers


20 bamboo skewers

2 large chicken breasts 

3-4 tbsp cajun spice

1/2 tsp fine salt 

1 large red capsicum

1 large green capsicum 

1/2 a pineapple 

1 brown onion

Olive oil 


1. Soak 20 or so bamboo skewers for 30mins or so and heat up a BBQ.

2. Cut the chicken into 2 by 2cm cubes (slightly rectangular is fine).

3. Mix together the cajun spice and salt, then roll the chicken in the mix, coating each piece well.

4. Cut up the capsicum and pineapple to similar sizes as the chicken, then cut the onion in half, then half again and then half again. Peel apart the onion layers. 

5. Dry the skewers and then start by threading one green piece of capsicum, then a red capsicum, a piece of onion, a piece of chicken, a piece of pineapple, then another chicken, another onion, another red capsicum and finish off with a green capsicum. Repeat this step until all the skewers have been completed. 

6. Spray the BBQ generously with olive oil and drizzle the skewers with a little olive oil too. Put the skewers on the BBQ and cook for 5-10mins, or until the chicken is cooked through, turning every few minutes to cook each side.