Pumpkin spice reindeer pancakes

Approx. 16 small pancakes



260g butternut pumpkin

1-2 tsp coconut oil 

a pinch of fine salt

3-4 tbsp almond milk 

1/2 cup flour of choice (I used quinoa flour, but you could experiment with others!) 

1 tsp baking powder 

2-3 tsp ground cinnamon 

2 eggs

To decorate: 

Use cinnamon sticks for ears, banana coins and raisins/sultanas for eyes and a strawberry for the nose. 

Other options, drizzle with rice malt syrup and cinnamon or candied pecans (I just roast pecans in coconut oil and salt). 


1. Pre heat the oven to 220C fan forced.

2. Peel, de-seed and chop the pumpkin into thumb sized cubes, place on a baking paper lined tray and drizzle with 1 tsp of the melted coconut oil and a pinch of salt. Put the tray in the oven and leave to cook for 25-30 mins, or until soft. 

3. Once the Pumpkin is soft, take it out of the oven and leave to cool slightly. Then put the pumpkin, cinnamon and 2 tbsp of almond milk in a small food processor or blender and blend, adding the rest of the almond milk 1 tbsp at a time until you have a puree.

4. Once you have a smooth pumpkin puree, add the flour and baking powder and blend until combined.

5. Add the eggs and blend again until you have a batter, adding more almond milk if the mixture seems too thick. 

6. Heat a non stick fry pan on a medium- high heat and add some coconut oil, enough to coat the base of the pan, once the pan and oil are hot, pour some of the batter into the pan and leave for a few minutes before flipping over to cook the other side. 

7. Repeat this process until the batter has been used up.