And so it begins!

It all starts here... and with a little help from my friends, I have decided to pursue my passion!

I am launching this website and am going to create work for myself around healthy food and wellness. The exciting news is that I hope to launch my VERY FIRST PRODUCT in September! If you wish to stay informed, please sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to know all about it!

SO, a bit about me, where did this all start?

I am twenty-three. I live in Sydney, Australia, the perfect place for a beach lover such as myself. I am very health conscious, somewhat by necessity, as I have an intolerance to wheat and dairy, but also as a life choice and interest.

I avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugar in my cooking and only use certain oils, which I believe to be good for you. I love to share good food with my dear friends, most of whom are not #glutenfreedairyfreerefinedsugarfree like me, Because of this, I have had to compete with foods that they are a little too fond of and are not so good for them, thus my foods have to, above all, taste good!

I am very excited to officially launch my website so that I can share share good food with good friends; that "tastes" good and "is" good for you!

In health,


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