'Tis The Season...

We are yet again experiencing the joys of the Christmas season. As wonderful as it is, ‘tis the season for many things, one of which, is gaining ‘those extra few pounds’ (or kilograms, but it doesn't roll off the tongue the same way). That said, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised over the past few years as I’ve seen a change in the plates of food that come out on Christmas Eve, Christmas lunch, Christmas dinner, or any other event that means a full-on Christmas feast.

With better awareness of what foods are good for us, more and more people are desiring healthier food options. The beauty of this is that our healthy desires are filtering through into the holiday season, which has resulted in more creative and nutritious Christmas meals, and they are still as delicious as they always were – sometimes even more so!

During the year, the greatest resistance I see to healthy eating is lack of time, but Christmas is a period where most people have a break from work and when a great deal of thought, time and preparation actually does go into the meal itself. Why not use this break as an opportunity to try some of those healthy, more time consuming recipes that you’ve been wanting to but haven’t had the time for?

Despite being a holiday that revolves heavily around food, Christmas doesn’t have to mean that we all put on unwanted weight. I will be sharing some healthier Christmas recipes for inspiration, I’ve even created a page exclusively for Christmas recipes. Keep an eye out as I release them over the next few weeks.

Maybe you can start off Christmas morning with a choc-cherry smoothie bowl.

Recipe here: Choc-Cherry Smoothie Bowl

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