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When I began my Sarah’s Pantry journey I had a vague vision of how it might pan out. It all started with recipe creating and of course some customary foodsnaps, in the hope that I would inspire and excite people with the versatility and wonder of whole foods. In no time at all, this evolved into the development of my website as a means of sharing my recipes, encouraging people to cook healthy food from scratch. The dream has now evolved dramatically!

I have been M.I.A for a good six months or so, however I have been working (behind the pantry doors) on an exciting new development. It’s been a long time coming, but Sarah’s Pantry is delighted to present, THE HEALTHY PACKET MIX: the first of which, is an organic pancake mix free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, nuts and preservatives. I want each mix to make it a little bit easier to eat healthy, organic food - whole food creations for the whole world! (Note for mothers: as the mix is nut free, it is lunch box friendly!)

So, why a pancake mix? It may seem ironic coming from a girl who enthusiastically advocates a lifestyle predominantly free from packaged foods. But firstly, errybody likes pancakes, or at least I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t. And secondly, I quickly realised that photos and recipes only go so far, especially when we live such fast paced lives that don’t leave much time for cooking.

And so I found myself in a quandary, wanting to see people in the kitchen cooking with whole foods again, while observing that one of the main hindrances is time, or lack thereof. And so the healthy packet mix was born. This is my attempt to make the cooking process quicker, while keeping the integrity of the whole food intact.

If you haven’t already picked up, I am wildly passionate about people and health. It’s important to me that the next generation is equipped to make wise eating decisions. We all know the saying “you are what you eat”. Well I strongly believe this to be true and that with a whole food diet you can greatly improve physical and mental health. I want to see a society full of healthy, thriving people.

I am also excited by the way food tastes and looks. Food can be an art form, a creative outlet, and a way of bringing people together. Food is supposed to nourish and sustain us, but it should also be delicious! I love the taste of my pancakes, and I’m not the kind of person who will settle for food that doesn’t taste good, or fill me up for that matter. Not only do they keep my taste buds happy, but I am confident that they are bursting with nutritious ingredients, plus they are high in fibre and protein rich for sustenance.

To keep things interesting, I will be updating Sarah’s Pantry with new healthy topping ideas so keep an eye out for a new page on the website called: ‘Pancake topping collection’ and subscribe to the website for email updates.

Food also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to make day-to-day decisions that affect the environment. Eating local produce and avoiding plastic wrapping are just two ways to be mindful about the way we consume and how it might impact the earth. I am using biodegradable packaging and organic ingredients because some man-made substances aren't good for our bodies or the environment.

I want to see positive change for the world and the people journeying in it. I want to inspire others to eat well, one pancake at a time.

In health,

Sarah x

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