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Despite the abundance of research about the link between climate change and human activity, it’s still a controversial topic. I personally believe that there is a link and that making small changes can contribute to the preservation of the earth.

I think it does beg the question: what are we willing to do to preserve the world we live in?

So what can you do?

In ‘food, livestock production, energy, climate change and health’, the fifth paper in a series of articles about energy and health, it says that agricultural activity, especially livestock production, accounts for about a fifth of total greenhouse-gas emissions worldwide. Which is massive.

Cutting out meat altogether may be on the drastic side of the spectrum for you. If it is, firstly I don’t blame you, most of us have grown up eating it our entire lives. Secondly, as someone who has tried this approach myself, I would encourage you to cut it down little by little! I try to have at least two meat free days a week, and when I do buy meat I buy fresh, organic, grass-fed meats and free-range organic chicken, both sourced locally.

I won’t sugar coat it, good quality meats are more expensive. But what I’ve found is that the expense encourages me to consume smaller portions, and I appreciate it much more when I do eat it. The fact that the meats I buy are from local farms also means cutting down transport costs.

While writing this post, I decided that I wanted to go vegetarian for a month, which is going to be a challenge for me, but it's something that I believe does have positive effects on the environment.

My website has a variety of vegetarian recipe ideas for your meatless days. An absolute all time favourite of mine, especially as we are well submerged in the cooler months, is chili and cornbread. Jamie Oliver’s veggie chili recipe is my ‘go to’, combined with the BEST gluten and dairy free cornbread, recipe now on the website!

Here's the link to Jamie Oliver’s veggie chili recipe

Now I'll leave you in the capable hands of Jimmy Kimmel and his thoughts on climate change.

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