Treat Yo Self

Since starting my first office job I finally understand 3pm sugar cravings, they sure are a thing! Despite having had a (refined) sugar free diet for years, I have still managed to indulge in my fair share of (healthier) sweet treats. However, these ‘treats’ quickly became a little less like treats and a little more like a staple as I adapted to the 9-5 grind. So I decided to take the ‘sugar free September’ challenge. This meant cutting out even healthy sugar additions, like raw honey, organic maple syrup and rice malt syrup, all of which commonly feature in my baked goods.

After one month of no sugar (except for minimal fruit), of course I feel great, just in time for summer, might I add. But I did miss that sweet sugar fix, it genuinely does bring me enormous amounts of joy.

In an effort to compromise, I've come to the conclusion that it's okay, and often necessary to 'treat yo self'. I am a believer in the occasional indulgent treat, and not being too hard on yourself. But sweet treats are often quite rich, especially healthier ones that are packed with almonds! They are also 'additional' as opposed to essential... I mean, I rarely eat a sweet treat because I’m hungry, it’s usually to satisfy my taste buds rather than fuel my body.

I believe that even when sweets are made of organic, natural ingredients they should still be treated (pun intended) as, what my mother called when I was a kid, 'sometimes foods'. On that note, my favourite treat is now on the website, it’s named SARS bar slice; because my best friend said it tastes like a healthier version of MARS bar slice. Enjoy!

Recipe here

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