Food is (obviously) a passion of mine, with my interest stemming from where it comes from, how it works in our bodies and everything else in between. But I’m also a big fan of the environment and try to make decisions that have a positive impact on the planet, food production and packaging specifically is an area that I have put a significant amount of thought into.

Earlier this year I took a new job at a Bondi-based Aussie hemp food start up, Hemple. I’ve had the enormous privilege of working closely with the founders and have learned a huge amount about this amazing seed in a short time. Not only do I love being part of a local, small business (something close to my heart), but I also believe in the product and Hemple’s vision to produce food in a sustainable way.

Hemp, aside from being a little power food (which I’ll get into), is environmentally a good crop to grow. Hemp plants are resilient and adaptable to different climates. Unlike most crops, rather than depleting the earth, the plant actually helps to prepare the soil for the following year’s harvest (crop rotation).*

So here’s why hemp is good for YOU with a few key facts:

1. Hemp is high in protein, great for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else reducing their meat consumption. It’s a complete source of plant protein — similar to meat, it contains all 20 amino acids. Why is this important? You need all 20 amino acids in order to function properly. Your body doesn’t produce 9 of them, so they need to be obtained through your diet. These essential amino acids help with muscle building and regulating immune function. Hemp seed is also a plant-based source of Vitamin D3, important for bone strength.

2. Hemp contains all sorts of vitamins — just one serve is a source of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and Vitamin B. Our entire Hemple range is naturally dairy free, gluten free, nut free, vegan, non-gmo, raw, cold-pressed and alkaline, and we don’t use pesticides. So pretty much everyone can eat them.

3. It is also crazy versatile, I use it in sweet and savoury recipes, as a crumb, a stuffing, a topping, a smoothie, a slice… I even have the oil by the spoonful! Consuming it daily has done wonders for my skin. Girls, I haven’t worn make up for months, use it topically as well as consuming it. This is because of the omegas, it has the right balance of omega 3 and 6, the essential fatty acids promote hair, skin and nail growth, much like fish oils do. It’s also a source of GLA, a type of omega 6 revered for it’s anti inflammatory properties, so it’s great for the gut! You can buy it on our website, ask me for a discount.

Recently, a few friends put together a sustainability awareness market at their house, called Minerva Market. We had stations to make your own multi-purpose cleaning spray, using lemon rind, perfumes from essential oils, beeswax wraps, a clothing refurbishment station and more. It was so great to see how willing and eager our generation are to make positive changes, for their own well-being and for the environment, for future generations. I made a Snickers Hemp Smoothie which went down a treat. I finally got around to writing up the recipe, it’s super easy to make, find the recipe here.


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