Sauteed spinach, leek, garlic and salmon filled savoury crepe

Makes 2 crepes



1/4 cup quinoa or buckwheat flour (quinoa tastes way better in my opinion)

3-4 tbsp water 

1 egg 

1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt 

1 tbsp olive oil 

3 long stalks of leek, (both green and white parts) chopped 

100 g chopped up smoked salmon 

2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely 

1-2 cups baby spinach 






1. To make the crepe, blend the quinoa flour, water, egg and salt for 2-5 minutes in a food processor, mix master or blender.

2. Pour the mixture onto a crepe pan already on medium-high heat (could also use large flat non stick pan), quickly use a spatular to smooth into into a nice thin round. Leave to cook for a few minutes making sure it doesn't burn, then flip over onto the other side and cook until the desired result is reached (it should look and feel like a crepe). Set aside and make the filling. 

3. To make the fillling, heat the olive oil in a non stick pan on medium heat, add leek - fry for 5 mins or until the leek is cooked, then add the chopped garlic and some salt and pepper to taste, Lastly, add the sliced smoked salmon and baby spinach, and some water if needed to wilt down the spinach at the end. 

4. Put the filling in the middle of the crepe and fold over the corners to make a parcel-like shape (as per photo), or just pick it up and eat however you like really :) Enjoy!