Sarah’s Pantry is my vision to change the world through food. It’s an ambitious goal, I know, but I suppose it’s my response to the alarming number of health issues I see around me. I believe that we can make choices to prevent many of these problems, rather than simply treating them when they arise - starting with what we put in (and on) our bodies. That’s why Sarah’s Pantry is so important to me. It’s a place where I can share my skills and knowledge about food and health to encourage others. A nourished body has energy and vitality to reach its full potential, to bless others and to contribute to society. 

Here at Sarah’s pantry, we want to change the way people eat, using foods that have been so thoughtfully given to us. We want to see a change from conveniently packaged, highly processed and nutrient deficient foods, to tasty, nutritious wholefoods, direct from the source.

Everyone behind the vision of Sarah’s Pantry has a passion for food,  people and community! We all agree that food is best shared and that our relationships are enriched through the meals we share together. I have found that those with allergies or an interest in healthy, organic food often find it diffucult to share meals with others who don't share their concerns or values.

We want our recipes to be enjoyed by everyone, including those with no allergies or who don’t yet have an interest in healthy eating, that's why taste is vital! We want the dinner party host to feel confident using our recipes, knowing all guests will leave satisfied and accommodated for. We want to see cultural change, change for the better, starting here…


Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts here on the site, with links to articles in support of the life changing properties of good food.